Sunday, 12 August 2012

Winter doesn't last forever, does it?

Yesterday we braved the elements to watch our seven year-old granddaughter play her final game of Netta (Junior Netball) for the season.  A worse day to be outdoors could not be imagined, unless you added a downpour, which thankfully did not arrive.

Images: Boutique Baby Photography
Not long before heading off for the game, I received the most delightful surprise - images of my latest dress from Boutique Baby Photography, obviously in a different hemisphere.  

Back at the netball courts, our little team fought valiantly against not only the opposition (complete with the father from Hell who actually hopped onto the court during the game to shout instructions to his unfortunate daughter), but the howling winds and freezing cold temperatures.

Drinking coffee coming at you horizontally is a new talent added to my repertoire.   

I'm afraid my mind was elsewhere - I was California dreaming and wishing our long winter would soon turn to spring.

On a happy note, our little team won (yay - not that it matters).

 If you are planning your warmer weather wardrobe, this dress can be found here and here.  Mmmm ... lobster ...

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