Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pure Gold

I find it difficult to believe, but fifty years ago today my best friend from childhood married her Prince Charming.  Fifty years.  Surely not.

Last evening the bride and groom chose three couples to share in their celebration - their daughter, two old classmates and our better halves.  Tony and I were picked up by our hosts for a cab ride to a harbourside restaurant with a view to die for.  Side note: if you order a cab in Sydney and it turns out to be an Indian driver called Sean, walk away.  'Nuff said.

After a glass or two of champagne in the hotel lounge, we were escorted to our table in the restaurant and there sitting at each lady's place setting was a beautiful corsage in honour of the bride's father who always insisted on presenting corsages to the ladies when he hosted a table at formal dinners.  It was a lovely touch to remember a true gentleman.

Here the bride poses with her new husband in her Going Away Outfit.  If you were a child of the Eighties or later you probably don't know about Going Away Outfits, so get Grandma to explain it to you.

And here they are 50 years later.

Tony and I are truly blessed.  Like old wine, old friends are the best.