Friday, 3 August 2012


You have to be keen to follow the Olympics from Australia.  Staggering out of bed at 5.00am on a cold winter's morning is not for the faint-hearted.  We are a tad shell shocked and are in desperate need of some comfort.  I blame the Australian commentators who with their every prediction of a gold medal bring down the Kiss of Death.  So far they don't appear to realise that we are actually doing quite well in the sailing and I am happy to keep them in the dark.

Earlier this week I was invited by my quilting group to bring along a selection of my quilts and to give a presentation of my quilting journey.  A couple of the girls asked me to include some of my Hot Fudge clothing to complete the story.

It hadn't occurred to me that some of the grandmothers in the group would want to buy what I had brought along, so I was quite surprised when I finished my talk that I was rushed with sales and orders. Keeping in line with the Olympic sailing theme, I had just completed a nautical dress which was snapped up quickly, with orders for another two, which are now ready for delivery next week.

As the Olympics descended into further gloom, the latter stages of the week were considerably brightened by two deliveries of fabric.

I love the top three fabrics in the image above - they say Christmas without being overtly so.  I have a couple of custom orders to complete and then I can set my mind to creating new dresses in time for our Aussie summer ... oh how I love summer.

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Hey Harriet said...

You're getting out of bed at 5am to watch the Olympics? YOU deserve a gold medal!

Congrats on the sales and orders! Your dresses are super adorable :)