Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday Morning Quilt Fever

On the first Saturday of the month there's a buzz of excitement as the Sydney branch of SCQuilters (Southern Cross Quilters) meet for a few hours of sewing, conversation, coffee and comfort food.

I was the first to arrive and immediately ordered a Latte (à la skim of course).  The tardy arrival of the others was perfectly understandable on a cold, clear winter's morning.

However, before long the room was full and the fun began.

Not everyone was hand-sewing - this delicious collection of fabrics is being cut in preparation for a colour wheel wall hanging.

Show & Tell was, as usual, inspirational.

Having fed our creative souls, food for the body was next on the menu

Some chose the healthy options.

But on a cold day like today, many succumbed to the temptation of comfort food (mea culpa!)

All in all a lovely day.

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