Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cue in Peter Paul & Mary

WAY BACK IN 1969, Peter Paul & Mary had a huge hit, John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane. That September, after working in Canada for nearly a year, I left on a jet plane to return home to Sydney to get married, so this is one song I always carry in my heart.

Fast forward forty years, and here we go again. Please sing along with me:

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go …

Hmmm ... maybe I'd better rethink the wardrobe a little ...

Ah - that's better ... who needs sneakers anyway?

Oh, and I made this jacket to dress up the daggy jeans for when we go out to dinner in Paris (I can't believe I just said the P word):

And some shoe bags, just in case I lose that one pair I have been allowed to pack and find some dirt-cheap little substitutes in Florence.

Mr Fudge's bag ...

Spot the difference?

In my defence, it has to be said that we are attending a wedding in Scotland, which makes it necessary to include warm semi-formal clothing, high heels (for me), and a man's suit, which hisself has conveniently dumped in my bag. Two months' supply of Lipitor, Avapro, and other such life-saving drugs tend to take up a lot of space as well - something we didn't have to contend with sixteen years ago, on our last trip overseas. Anyway, back to the song.

I’m standing here outside your door (AKA the bathroom)
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye.

If you don't get a move on, we'll miss the taxi!

But the dawn is breakin’, it’s early morn
The taxi’s waiting, he’s blowin' his horn
Already I’m so lonesome I could cry.

In truth, our flight is not at dawn, but at 2.45 in the morning - we'll be so lonesome because what sane person will be up at that hour?

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go.

Of course he will - I've got the tickets in my handbag.

I’m leavin' on a jet plane (wah-hoo!)
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go.

And if you believe that, you'd believe anything. Stay tuned for reports of our Awfully Big Adventure.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Guess which ones belong to me and which belong to Mr Fudge? These little numbers are feeling quite perky because they know they are going on a long trip and they have invited us along to share in the fun. We haven't told them that they will be going to the Orkneys - some elements of surprise always spice up a trip.

Tomorrow we'll be packing our bags and then it will probably dawn on me that we are really about to embark on our Awfully Big Adventure.

In the meantime, for some fabulous shadows, take a peek at Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday post - you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Brisbane's brutal winter

Picture this. Winter... Brisbane... waaarm ... perfect. It was one of those brilliant days which come around every August and you are foolishly led to believe that winter is all but over. These days are too good to waste.

The family came for lunch to celebrate our son's birthday and after copious amounts of chocolate birthday cake ...

Are you sure this stuff's OK?

Oooo yeah!

... it was time to work off some energy in the back yard.

I even remembered Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday, and it was only when we were heading back indoors that the children pointed to some very busy ants around the rim of a pot plant. I had watered the plant earlier in the day and I guess they thought the floods were returning. They were throwing lovely shadows, so I just aimed, shot, and hoped for the best.

On days like this, you wouldn't live anywhere else for quids.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

An Awfully Pretty Exhibition

I have a theory that artistic talent skips a generation. My mother was something of an artist and completely bypassing me, the talent landed squarely at my daughter's doorstep.

It comes to her twofold, as Tony's great-grandfather, Conrad Beckmann, was a well-known artist in Germany in the late 1800s. Apart from illustrating many books, he was commissioned to paint some murals in the banquet hall of Wernigerode Castle ...

... which Tony and I will be visiting in a few short weeks. Excited? You bet.

All this excitement is tinged with a little sadness, however, as it means we will miss the opening of our daughter's exhibition, Awfully Pretty, in Sydney later this month.

If you will be in Sydney between 14 and 27 August, why not visit

Gallery Eight
8 Argyle Place
Millers Point (The Rocks)

Intrigued by the Awfully Pretty title? For a humorous explanation, please visit Maz's blog.

I am hoping someone will buy me an awfully pretty painting for Christmas.

New dress ... and a giveaway

Well, that Kaffe Fassett fabric pile is quickly diminishing. Here is a dress hot off the machine which is for sale in my Etsy shop.

And the giveaway? Well, it's not mine, but something so tempting that I really don't want to tell you about it, because it lessens my chances of winning. But if you have a love of cooking, this will surely have you drooling.

So what to you have to do? Simply go here and add a comment. Best of luck!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Shadow

When I was a little girl my brother and I lived for Saturday afternoons. That was the time we went to the Saturday Matinee, along with every other kid in the neighbourhood. The local cinema was known as the Charing Cross Flea House, with good reason. Yes, the movies were wonderful, even if we had seen them several times before, and the 20 cartoons had us all rolling in the aisles.

The real drawcard though was the weekly serial. We had been left in suspense for a whole week. The hero was trapped in a burning building with the ten floors above crashing down on him. How could he possibly escape? The only time they bungled was an episode of Superman which ended with the villain hurling Clarke Kent off a cliff in the boot of a car. For once this was greeted with hoots of derision from the kids - we were pretty smart back then.

But far and away my favourite serial was the old chestnut, The Shadow, starring Victor Jory. If you remember Victor, I know how old you are. He was a goodie, but he was also scary. These classics were made during World War II, and by the time we saw them at the Flea House, the war was long over. Still, the enemies were daunting for an eight year-old and it was a sort of love-hate relationship between me and The Shadow (hey, that would make a great song title).

Where is all this leading? To Shadow Shot Sunday, of course. While we were in Sydney last week we spent an hour or so at Bondi Beach with some of the family. This friendly seagull obliged us with a tango lesson ...

... while this little adventuress showed us a trick or two.

Take a look at Hey Harriet for a feast of shadows - you won't be disappointed.

I did manage to get a little sewing in this week. That Kaffe Fassett fabric wouldn't leave me alone, so I made these pants, in size 4.

I had bought some lovely aqua voile fabric a couple of months back, knowing something would turn up to mix and match, and sure enough, it was the perfect combination. The top is fully lined and both are for sale on my Etsy shop.

It's a small world. Last week we were sitting behind Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward at the Sydney Opera House, and today we saw their latest movie, Beautiful Kate, written and directed by Rachel and starring Bryan. It's pretty powerful, uncomfortable at times, but an excellent film. Leave the kiddies at home, though.

Only a little over two weeks before we take our first trip overseas together since 1993. It's been a long time between drinks, so we are understandably getting a little excited. Can't wait.