Friday, 2 September 2011


If you live in Sydney, there's only one way to welcome in the Spring.  Visit David Jones Department Store.  David Jones has been lifting the spirit of Sydney's population from the doldrums of Winter for twenty-six years now.  I remember meeting my mother in the city all those years ago and together we almost levitated from floor to floor, drinking in the beauty of the Spring flowers.  In those days it was mainly azaleas, roses and European flowers and shrubs, and each floor was filled with floral displays.

These days it is confined to the ground floor, but as compensation each display is a work of art.

There was not an azalea in sight - gradually over the years the flowers tend to be more native plants or exotic and unusual finds to surprise and delight.

And or course there's always the Piano Man to welcome customers, a David Jones tradition going back as long as I can remember.

I don't know if it improved sales - like most people, we were so carried away with the glorious visions that shopping was the last thing on our minds!

These little children were captivated by the fish.

It all ends on 11 September, so if you are planning on a trip to Sydney, make it soon.

Even the hats joined in the fun.

Thank you David Jones - pure class.

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Cassy said...

Love the flower display.
How i wish I visit sydney however i'm a million miles away. I'm from the Philippines by the way.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons