Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Seamstress

We had our first sewing session today, my granddaughter and I.  And of course, it was no simple beginner project such as a pencil case or a pin cushion. This one looks at the grander scheme of things - a cubby house no less.

The day had been long in the planning, ever since her mother bought her a beautiful craft book with projects ranging from simple little tasks right up to the biggies - the cubby house.  She arrived bright eyed and full of anticipation, with her trusty craft book sitting snugly in her carry bag, along with a tin of jam butter biscuits she had made earlier.

We had such fun choosing oilcloth and fabric from my stash, and after much measuring and cutting out, it was time to get started on the machine.  (Special insert for her mother.  Please note the machine is turned OFF.)

In no time she had mastered the art of threading the machine and bobbin case, which after an initial demonstration she insisted on managing on her own. After a morning tea break of coffee (for the Fudges Senior), orange juice for the Seamstress and jam butter biscuits all round (yum), I was hurried back to the sewing room to work on the curtains for the house front windows.  We did manage to take a lunch break before working on the top and back of the house.

All too soon our daughter arrived to claim her own daughter.  I marvelled at her will power at not counting the Seamstress's fingers in front of us.

The work in progress now awaits her next visit.  She is six and full of enthusiasm.  Can it be that the tailor gene which runs through my family but skipped a generation is coming out in the next one?  I live in hope.


Sandrine said...

This is priceless Robyn! The house is looking very good! x

Elegancemaison said...

Wow - I'm not sure which I'm most impressed with your darling granddaughter's cooking and sewing skills, or your fabric stash. (Granddaughter, of course!)

BTW I wanted to remind you to update your heading - Spring 2011 indeed! Oops for a moment or two there I forgot that you're in Sydney ( where in fact my own granddaughter lives).

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh yes, a real crafter in the making there! That cubby house is going to be the envy of all her friends (and me!) with that fabric!

It's funny, I remember raiding my mum's fabric stash when I was young - now she comes and raids mine :)

I've just inherited an overlocker and will be setting up the sewing machine again and we have a cute (working) toy sewing machine for the little one that she keeps asking me to bring out :)