Friday, 9 September 2011

Step Back

Have you ever unexpectedly come across a hidden treasure in the middle of a large and busy city?  Well, it happened to us today. I had been searching in vain for days for some rick rack braid in all the usual places, but unless you wanted primary colours, it was mission impossible.  Then Mr Fudge came across a web site advertising rick rack braid in a wide range of colours - the only problem was that the shop was in the city.

So this morning we braved a walk to the railway station in FREEZING weather (21 years of Brisbane mild temperatures has left an indelible mark on us, apparently) and journeyed to the city.

We found the shop opposite the Town Hall and stepped inside.

My goodness, what a vision.  It took our breath away - we had somehow been transported back to the late 19th Century.  We checked to see that the Tardis was still parked outside for a quick get-away in case of an emergency.

If Little Dorrit had sprung up behind the counter to serve us, we would not have been in the least surprised.  Yes, there was a counter beyond which we mere mortals could not venture.  I was served by a pleasant young girl who located some sample rick rack braids for me to choose from.

I was cursing the fact that I had left my camera at home, but Mr Fudge came to the rescue with his trusty mobile phone camera.

While Miss Dorrit disappeared into the bowels of the shop to measure and cut my braid, we were able to take in our wondrous surroundings.

More mysterious boxes

Feather boas

And bling
All too soon it was time to return to the 21st Century and if we didn't have these images to prove it all actually happened, I would have put it down to bad dreams after the sausages we had last night.

The biggest surprise is that the owners of this treasure cave know that the World Wide Web has been invented and that they have a web site.  Thank goodness they do.


Sandrine said...

OH my goodness Robyn! What a place, thanks for sharing! I will be roaming Sydney's streets in few days...but I don't think I will be forgiven if I drag everyone there, snif! :)
Bon weekend!
PS: I have started using google chrome now...will see what happen?! :)

xx Sandrine

Sandrine said...

Voila!! :)

Jetta's Nest said...

Oh my gosh! The boxes lining the shelves would be heaven to explore...I'll bet you'll be catching the tardis back to this treasure time and time again!