Monday, 12 September 2011


At last we have an Aussie Grand Slam Champ.

I guess like the rest of the country, we sat glued in front of the TV this morning watching, hardly daring to hope that it may actually happen.

But it did and I was so proud of Samantha's composure and humility.  You'll have to excuse the euphoria - the last Australian to win the US Open was Wendy Turnbull way back in 1980.  It's been a long time between drinks.

One big disadvantage of living in an apartment is a lack of flowers to pick.  So we were delighted yesterday when some dear friends came to lunch bearing gifts from their garden.

It really stuck home a couple of days ago that I had forgotten how stunningly beautiful Sydney is in Spring.  It almost takes your breath away.


If only there was a way of bringing down Brisbane family, friends and weather, Sydney would be heaven on earth.


Sandrine said...

Oh can't wait to come and see myself :)Flowers...I am planting like a mad woman at the moment, hopefully we won't move before I can get some blooms :)
PS: You will laugh Robyn, now I can't use pinterest!!! OH non!!! :)How many browser do I need??!!
xx Sandrine

Chrisy said...

Yes very exciting for we'll be interesting to see if Sam gets a stylist now and turns into a glam princess...i hope not.... The flowers are lovely...and i understand how you must miss a garden...and family...and weather...