Monday, 26 September 2011

Ah, Spring

I had forgotten the joys of Spring in Sydney - warm one day, freezing, windy and wet the next.

Yesterday proved to be the latter.  However, in the city the crowds gravitated to the new Westfield Centre for comfort.  

One of the joys of returning to the city of our birth is re-discovering what had once been familiar ground.  My, how some things have changed.  Mr Fudge usually has the direction sense of a homing pigeon, but even he was defeated in this incredible maze with escalators shooting off in all directions.

So many shops to inspect.

So many eating places to sit and forget about the weather outside.

Our neighbourhood King Parrot would have felt right at home.

Mr Fudge's navigation system switched on after a delicious lunch and he steered us towards one of our favourite window shopping spots; David Jones Food Hall.  It's three months to Christmas, so we should have been prepared.

We decided to give the figs a miss.

Our main purpose for being in the city on such a miserable day was to take in a live show.  In the Mood was in town and it was a sell-out season.  Our daughter and son-in-law had bought tickets months back, but due to commitments they couldn't attend.  Would we be interested?  Oooo ... yes please!

It was a knock-out show, full of the music of our childhood, performed by a brilliant band and six incredible singers and dancers.  It was something of a novelty to look around and discover we were among the youngest in the audience.  And that's quite an achievement for us these days!

The day was not finished for us yet, as our son-in-law was celebrating his fortieth birthday at  the iconic Watson's Bay Hotel.  It was the perfect ending to the day, with both sides of the family there to help ease him into the new decade.  We discovered that his parents were also at the In the Mood matinee session - they have great taste.


Sandrine said...

Oh Robyn,I now see that we have been so lucky with our weather while down there!Actually is was so good that I am totally jealous of your new location and hoping for a new job transfer for Mr now!Such a beautiful beautiful city!"sight" I should have never gone and had a look! xx

Hot Fudge said...

I'm so pleased you came down during the beautiful weather we had Sandrine. Yes, it's a wonderful city, but I wish I could split myself and live both in Brisbane and Sydney. Now that would be perfect!

Sandrine said...

Yes I can see what you mean, there was a post the other day on a blog about moving and what helps making the move a good one is the amount of support, friendship we create and find where we all takes time and as to almost restart (like a wheel) with the new location...some places allow easy connections and some it is harder...This post is making me think a lot...The hidden part of the moving iceberg is it!
Wishing you a beautiful week xx