Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stow Aways

Our morning reverie was somewhat shattered today when I glanced out our bedroom window.

All looked well until I took a closer look at the little blobs on the pathway.

Scrub turkeys ... nooooo!!!!!  Did they stow away in one of our packing cases while we weren't looking?  They are as common as flies in Brisbane, but we have not seen them in Sydney before.

Hmmm ... you can almost feel their joy as they eye brand new mulch in the garden.  These little critters are extremely determined when they set their minds to building their nests.  I saw one in Brisbane drag mulch from one garden across a reasonably busy road to its nest site of choice on the other side of the road, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

And it is Spring (best viewed with this playing in the background).


Chrisy said...

Don't the photos look surreal...the modern buildings and the scrub turkeys! Yes these may be stowaways me thinks...

Thea said...

You're funny. I hadn't realised you had moved to Sydney (sorry I'm behind with blog reading). I was confused when you commented on my blog re: cold. We're so spoilt in Qld, aren't we?