Monday, 4 October 2010

How Sweet it is

It's my fault, I know.  I made the first batch of Hot Fudge Choc Fudge today and offered Mr Fudge a tiny corner to see if it met with his approval.  It did.  He's crying.  I have hidden the fudge in the spare fridge in the garage and in case he breaks the code, I have installed CCTV and have tagged each piece.

If you would like to taste some of your own, this is the place to be next Saturday:

I'll be giving away bags of Hot Fudge Choc Fudge with every sale, while stocks last, one per customer... unless you buy me out and then I'll throw in all the fudge.

There will be the most wonderful array of goodies on sale made by some very creative and lovely BrisStyle members.  Here's a plan of the market layout:

I will be inside the hall, No 12.  I will be the one with tell-tale chocolate stains down my front.


Amanda Francey said...

Now I definitely have to try and get there this Saturday. I'm sure you'll be all out of fudge by the time I arrive though.

Helen said...

Great security measure Robyn as I know how irresistable your fudge is! Amanda you have to taste it ....and no that's not just an excuse to see you. xh