Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Happy Birthday Schoolhouse Quilters

Twenty years ago I joined a fledgling group of quilters.  This small little band was formed by Sharyn Hall and we returned to Brisbane after an absence of four years in time for me to attend the third meeting in the staff room of Kenmore State School.  Like Topsy, we have grown.

Today was our twentieth anniversary celebration (a month late) and also our Annual General Meeting.  A lot of water has passed under the bridge in the intervening years, but among this group of quilters are some of my closest friends.  We have supported each other through the good times and the bad and I know I am truly blessed to have such wonderful companions.

And what's a special celebration without cake?

Schoolhouse Day President Alison Campbell presents our celebration cake

The honour of cutting the cake went to five Schoolhouse members who were at the original meeting in September 1990.

Original Schoolhouse members Pat Burgess, Robyn Mallett, Kaye Tanner, Denise Barbero and Sharyn Hall

Fresh cream and strawberry topping.  Mmmm ...

It didn't last long.

Next month, let's all wear green.

Muffin Rowlands' Liberty bag with work in progress

The day ended with Show & Tell.  Wonderful. 

To top off the joyous occasion, we basked in the reflected glory of several Schoolhouse Quilters who took out major awards at the Craft & Quilt Fair held at the Brisbane Convention Centre over the previous week.

I'm planning on being around for the 30th anniversary and have already ordered my walking frame.  Happy 20th Anniversary Schoolhouse Quilters.

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