Friday, 1 March 2013

Hug your children

It was 18 February.  It was my birthday and I had received a dress order, so I was feeling happy.  

The dress was custom made and within a few days it was on its way to the purchaser.  

Late last night I checked my emails before retiring for the evening and discovered a message from the customer who had purchased the dress.  I am sure she won't mind me sharing it with you here.
Hello Robyn,  
I just want to let you know that the little girl I gave your gorgeous creation to was absolutely thrilled with it and if you would like to see how happy she is please have a look at the following blog (removed by me for privacy). You just have to click on the photo or text and it will open up, scroll down to see further piccys. Miette is a little girl with terminal cancer.  
Thank you again.  
As you can imagine, I was devastated.  I followed the link to the blog which is a diary of this beautiful little child's last 19 months as seen through the eyes of her parents - mainly her mother.  As I scrolled down the posts my eye caught a heading which revealed that this family lives in the same semi-rural suburb in Queensland as my own son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren.  Here I am in Sydney, Jocelyn also lives in New South Wales and yet we are connected through this regional Queensland suburb.  This was my response to Jocelyn.
Dear Jocelyn

I have been sitting in front of my computer for the last half hour trying to say something remotely adequate, but the words would not come. As you can imagine, I have never had a message such as yours in all the time I have been selling my clothing and it completely took my breath away. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of touching Miette's life, albeit in such a minuscule way. I am heart-broken of course, but honoured that you chose my dress out of so many you could have chosen. What a beautiful child she is. Now here comes the spooky part. I was scrolling down the blog posts and stopped at the 20 November entry, Thank You xxxxxxxx State School. Our son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren live in xxxxxxx. What an amazing coincidence.

Please give those courageous parents my love and I wish them every strength and blessing for the terrible times ahead. And please let Miette know that I am sitting here giving her hugs.

Thank you so much.


Miette is now in palliative care.  Please hold your children close to you and take nothing for granted.  

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