Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Somewhere in the world it's nearly Spring

In three days it will be Autumn.  No, that can't be right.  It's warm and now that the nasty storm cycle has departed (said with fingers firmly crossed), we can sit back and enjoy an Indian Summer.

It's been a particularly busy month, with orders coming in from as far away as Italy.  

My latest dress is swanning around Los Angeles.

I'm excited that this dress will be taking part in a promotion in March.  I'll be able to elaborate on that in a few days.  It will also be up in my Etsy and MadeIt shops in the next day or so, in time for Easter.

That handbag is to die for.

Love these out takes.

I have watched this remarkable little girl grow from an adorable toddler to the beautiful princess she is today.

Having a talented mother to capture the images helps enormously.  Sara of Boutique Baby Photography is now so successful that she has become a fully fledged commercial photographer, specializing in newborns and children.  As you can see, she is very good at what she does and I wish her every success.

Autumn may be here in a couple of days, but it's good to know that somewhere in the world it will be Spring.

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