Sunday, 17 March 2013

Change in the air

We have been blessed with glorious days over the past couple of weeks, but this morning I can feel early autumn settling in my bones.  It's also been one of the busiest couple of weeks, with orders being sent off to all corners of the world, including Italy and Brazil.

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While it's becoming cooler here in Australia, the northern hemisphere is awakening to a new spring and children grow, meaning they need new summer wardrobes.  Thank goodness.

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In the last couple of days I've received several orders, probably with the realisation that not only is there a change in seasons, but Easter is nearly upon us, which means special occasion dressing.

And Easter Bunny garlands.

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I love the quiet of the early morning and that's the time I spend browsing the internet.  I came across this impossibly cute little critter on Etsy and it was love at first sight.  Its creator is a 23 year-old fibre artist from Chile.  How she accomplished such an adorable little face from so few features is beyond me.  

Little Traveler Mouse made me feel so happy and I hope he has the same effect on you.

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Chrisy said...

So pleased all is going well...and yes that mouse is beautiful...have seen a few amazing little needlefelted critters on much talent out there...stay warm honey!