Sunday, 10 March 2013

What price High Fashion?

Sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake.  I wear two hats - one I wear as a desktop publisher.  For this service I charge by the hour and I don't turn the computer on without charging clients at least one hour per job, and there are no outlays.

The other hat I wear making and selling children's clothing on line.  For this service I buy in fabric and other supplies and do not charge by the hour.  I was taught by my extremely clever mother, who was a professional dressmaker, until she discovered that art was more fun.

So there I was yesterday constructing this intricate party dress which will be flying off to Brazil, when the penny dropped.  If I charged by the hour as I do for desktop publishing, this little number would cost two to three hundred dollars.

Instead, I had it listed for $50.  That did not make good business sense, so I have made the executive decision to increase the selling price to $68 - still a bargain for the amount of work involved.

But here comes the good news.  There is one last opportunity to buy this particular dress at the old price of $50.

If you go here all will be revealed.  Kid Independent is doing a wonderful community service in showcasing a month of beautiful children's clothing with a different designer each day.  The proceeds of the first of each item sold goes directly to benefit the little village in Ethiopia to keep their children in school.  Brilliant.
My dress will be featured this coming Thursday, 14 March.  It will be made to order in sizes 2, 3, 4 or 5.  If you live in Australia I can guarantee that it will be ready in plenty of time for Easter.

Do take a look at the gorgeous dresses featured each day over at Kid Independent - they are simply beautiful.

Of course, if you would be happy to purchase my dress at the new price of $68, you are most welcome!  You can find it here and here.

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Amalou said...

I LOVE this dress. And agreed, higher price is still a bargain