Sunday, 3 March 2013

Children and education

We take it for granted in Australia or indeed in any developed Western country that education is part of our children's lives.  It isn't until we are reminded by some remarkable people that we realise in many parts of the world it's simply not the case.  Take Ethiopia for example.

Image courtesy of Kid Independent
The plight of some Ethiopian children is so desperate and without education the poverty chain will not be broken.  When I was approached by Indi of Kid Independent to take part in Best Dressed 2013 to help keep children in school in the small community of Liwan, Ethiopia, I jumped at the chance.

Image courtesy of Kid Independent
Here is a quote from Kid Independent's promotion:  
The funds raised through “Best Dressed 2013″ will be used by World Families Australia to educate a group of children from a small community in Liwan, Ethiopia. These children come from illiterate families and are among the FIRST to be educated. They are the future doctors, nurses, teachers, etc in their village and their education will not only change their own lives but the lives of their families, their local community and future generations.
I urge you to take a look at the  gorgeous dresses listed each day on Kid Independent's website.  The promotion runs throughout the month of March and remember, Easter is just around the corner.   My dress will be shown on 14 March, but take a look at the new dresses put up each day. What a great opportunity to buy a beautiful dress and help these little children at the same time.

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