Friday, 30 November 2012

Ready to ship

This is a blatant and shameless piece of self promotion, so if you are not into children's clothing but love cats, perhaps you may wish to skip to the bottom of this post.

 At this time of the year, life becomes a little hectic for us all and here at Hot Fudge headquarters the activity has cranked up to breakneck speed.  My work load means that there is a delay of between 1 and 2 weeks on orders to be made up, but take heart - there are alternatives.

I have many items of clothing waiting to find new homes and to make it all the easier for you, I have created a Ready to Ship section in my Etsy shop.  So make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and relax as you choose a  Christmas outfit for your little princess in the comfort of your home.  Here are a few dresses ready to ship off to you today:

Cape Cod, size 3
Christmas Holiday Party Dress, size 6

Christmas Party Dress, size 8

Party Bow Dress, size 3

Back bow detail

Salmon Pink Wrens, size 7

Strawberry Pink Tea Party, size 6 months

Summer Tree, size 5
Back bow detail

This is a small selection of what is available in my shop.  Do drop by and see what else is available.  Remember, Christmas is only a few short weeks away.

And now something for you patient cat lovers.  Have you ever thought of buying your much loved feline a Christmas gift?  How about its very own cat carrier?

Happy shopping!


kuber... said...

Hahaha, that dog gets that cat in a real firemen's lift!
May I say how lovely your collection of ready-to-ship dresses are... I just wish I was 4 years old again myself, or at least knew someone who was.
Have yourself a lovely Festive season!

Hot Fudge said...

Thanks so much for your comments Emily. That dog just makes my day!