Friday, 9 November 2012


Every year since I was quite young I have made the same promise to myself as Christmas rushes towards us at an alarming clip.  Each year I promise that next year I will be fully prepared.  By the first week of December the Christmas shopping will be completed (the shopping list having been organised a month earlier), the cake and pudding will be sitting smugly in the pantry, Christmas cards will be well on their way, the tree and decorations will astound our visitors with their beauty, and I will be calm.  Right.

Then reality steps in.  This year by late October the Christmas dress orders started to dribble in, and by mid November I predict it will become a little scary.  One woman, one machine, so many dresses.

Yesterday I mailed off a custom order to a sweet young mother who requested a dress for her young daughter and co-ordinating outfit for her as yet to be born baby daughter.

A few days ago I was thrilled to receive the most beautiful images from Boutique Baby Photography and immediately added the dress to my Etsy and MadeIt stores.

Within two days I had several orders to fill and it looks as though it will sell out very quickly.

Not that I'm complaining!

Last week when I stepped onto the balcony off my sewing studio for a breath of fresh air and to clear the cobwebs from my frazzled brain, I noticed something new.

There it was - the first jacaranda sighting of the season.  The city is now dusted in mauve, as the jacarandas take the signal from each other that it's their time to shine.  Ah ... bliss.  

And now back to those orders.  Perhaps December next year my plan will eventuate.  As for this year, we Fudge Seniors will be seen rushing wild-eyed through the department stores at the last minute, grabbing whatever is left which might be in the least bit suitable as Christmas gifts. The cards will be posted possibly by 20 December, the tree and decorations will be flung around the apartment by 22 December, and the cake and pudding will be ready by Christmas morning.  Maybe.

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Ali said...

Ahhh! The jacarandas! What a beautiful time of the year! ... now you're making me jealous!! x