Sunday, 25 November 2012

It's snowing in Sydney

Hard as it is to believe, it did snow in Sydney yesterday, a week before the beginning of summer.  And we were fortunate enough to be in the city to witness it.

I guess we're a couple of big kids, but we love visiting the city at this time of the year, when the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas season is starting to stir in earnest.

The window displays are so colourful and joyous.

 And you don't have to be a child to appreciate it all.


Tradition has it that we always visit the David Jones Food Hall to admire the goodies from lands near and far.

Particularly if Italy comes into the equation.

And then there's the traditional gagging at the price of their produce.  Does anyone pay these prices?

Our last port of call was to the Queen Victoria Building, a mecca for all children, young and old.

Here are the most tempting shops spread over several levels.

A word of advice.  If you plan on visiting this toy store, leave the children at home because they will only spoil your fun.

In fact, you will be doing them a favour.  I mean, what child wants to be embarrassed witnessing their parents (let alone grandparents) squealing with delight at every turn?  Not the Fudge kids, that's for sure.

We never cease to wonder at the size of the Christmas tree, which starts at ground level and soars through the centre of the building, finishing under the dome.

So where does the snow come into the story?  Here at the Christmas Tree.  Right on the hour, as we gazed up into the dome, snow flakes suddenly appeared.

It only lasted a few minutes, but it was such a delightful sight.

This little fellow was mermerised.

Even Santa thought it was pretty cool.

Ah, what fun.  I hope we never grow up.

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Chrisy said...

Yes don't grow up dearest....what fun...oh that building is beautiful isn't it...and the toy shop! I'll have one each of the tin toys please! Snow...well we did have a good fall of hail last week...not quite the same....