Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to keep warm on a miserably cold Saturday in Sydney

After being spoiled with some beautiful, crisp winter's days, with the dawning of the weekend came the most miserable weather imaginable.  There was only one way to cure the blues and hide the depressing skies - visit a large shopping mall.

I remember some time back when we were in the market for a new television, we searched a large electronics store desperately looking for someone to take our money. Today, entering a similar store, we were immediately pounced on by not one but at least six eager young salesmen who practically begged to assist us.  I like to think that in a parallel universe the opposite is happening.

It's the same with clothing.  A few weeks back I was looking for a winter outfit, all in vain.  I had a certain colour in mind but there was nothing I could find within coo-ee of it.  Naturally, today, with funds low, there they were taunting me - dozens of co-ordinates in the exact sharp lime/lemon colour I had previously lusted after.  Murphy's law.  Ah well, an early lunch was called for - comfort food is always good for the soul, if not the body.

We heard an excited buzz and discovered shoppers eagerly waiting in a queue.  We could see that the source of the excitement was in the middle distance, so we edged in for a closer look.

Outside the shop there was a frenzy of TV and press cameras which only made us more curious (well, perhaps not so much Mr Fudge).

I caught a brief glimpse of blindingly red hair and the mystery was solved.

It was The Voice finalist Sarah De Bono who was officially opening a new shop.  Maybe I should invite her to my online shop!

I guess we were showing our age, as everyone around us looked a couple of generations younger than us, so we hopped in the car and headed for the highlight of our day, the Mosman Art Gallery, where our daughter's painting was hanging.  There was a No Photography policy, the meanies, so here's one I found on Face Book taken at last night's opening.

Although she didn't win, we were really pleased to see that her entry is hanging right next to her favourite artist Wendy Sharpe, who also missed out on the awards, so she is in esteemed company. In addition her entry is hanging in the same space as the major prize winners, making us suitably chuffed.  The exhibition goes until 26 August, so if you are in Sydney, it's a very worthwhile place to visit.  And Mosman is a shopper's mecca with streets full of boutiques, cafes and restaurants, which means you can make a day of it.  As Arnie says, I'll be back.

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