Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hello Eccles

Are you a glass half empty or glass half full sort of a person?  I guess we fall under the second category.  Or in our case yesterday, it was more of cake tin half full.

I wish you could have seen the cake tin in its full condition, but the contents disappeared for a good cause.  You see, Mr Fudge underwent a particularly nasty surgical procedure to remove some skin cancers from his face on Tuesday.  We left at 7.00 in the morning for the drive to the hospital and didn't return home until 3.30 that afternoon - a very long and stressful day.

Yesterday morning the outer bandages were able to be removed, revealing a nasty black eye and even more surgical dressings underneath.  However, the prognosis is good and in a week or so it should be possible for the spouse to once again walk the streets without scaring the horses or children.

Later in the day the apartment buzzer sounded, announcing the arrival of our daughter with three children in tow, each of them holding a get well card for Granddad and daughter holding a cake tin with freshly baked Eccles Cakes, Mr Fudge's all time favourites.  They were wrapped in a tea towel featuring a Queensland steam locomotive, such a lovely thought, knowing how much the patient loves his steam trains.  There was also a tub of scrummy, decadent ice cream to accompany the cakes and some chocolates to carry us through to the next morning.

Here they are in their half-full glory.

I'm so glad we are of the half full variety, but after tonight there will be no avoiding the Cake Tin Empty syndrome.  As I say, all in a good cause.

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