Thursday, 16 December 2010

Put on a happy face

We had been warned, but at the back of our minds we didn't think it would happen.  The Brisbane Summer Mega Storm.  It happened.  Big time.

Early on, it wasn't too bad - just a lot of rain accompanied by lightning and the usual thunder.  The back looked a little water-logged, so we thought we ought to check the front.

Hmmm ... but not too bad.

Five minutes later - eek!

Then it became a tad dark and windy.

I was in the midst of preparing for our market tomorrow evening, but had to turn off the computer, iron, sewing machine, washing machine and dryer.   I was particularly upset that I couldn't continue ironing.

At least I had earlier finished the last of the Christmas Tree garlands.

No matter what the weather the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market will take place, so don't let a little rain, wind or lightning deter you.  This will be the most wonderful market this year.  Promise.

Does anyone have the Drought Whisperer's mobile number?

1 comment:

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Wow, what a storm, hope you have dried out by now.

I think that it has come our way,as we have had a week of rain with more on it's way.