Monday, 13 December 2010

Four more Twilights

That's how many twilights are left before the Big T - the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market and I'm at the breathing into a paper bag stage.  So many things to do ... so little time.  However, some things have been accomplished, thanks to a very willing and hard-working husband.

The wreath is on the door

The tree is up and lit


The Christmas Tree Angel has adorned the top of our tree for the past 35 years - wish I could hold my age as well as she has!


The house is ready for the invasion of the Fudge grandchildren next weekend.  All that is needed now is to finish off the Christmas Tree Garlands for sale at my stall at the Twilight Market on Friday evening. 

Now where's that paper bag?

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Mannick...91 said...

Everything is ready to you upon entry, guests arrive for Christmas and leave you free mind for your next market.
Godd day. Annick