Thursday, 9 December 2010

If it's December it must be ...

PANETTONE.  We Fudges are serious panettone tin collectors from way back.  I don't know, we just love the look of them.  Of course, we are rather partial to the contents as well.  It's getting harder each year to find the tinned variety - most these days come in the ubiquitous cardboard packaging, which not the same.

Yesterday was our luck day.  We found this delightful tin which we brought home to join the rest of the panettone family, once the contents have been consumed.

To complete a very happy day, I joined some quilting friends for our annual Christmas lunch at a local restaurant. 

My Secret Santa just happened to be a gourmet cook.

Put your nose up to the screen and take a sniff.  Mmmm ...  How happy am I?  I don't have to make a Christmas cake this year - very happy!


littlechrissy said...

Panettone? I have never had it! I suspect I am missing out on deliciousness and now must seek it out. Where might one find panettone?

Sandrine said...

With a Tuscana Grandma...Panettone means Xmas to me as well!!
I did put my nose onto the screen :)I am still trying...but everyone is giving me a weird look here :)Now, I thought technology was fast:) LOL!!!

Mannick...91 said...

You have a nice collection of boxes.
There was a great atmosphere for your lunch.
We are still under snow and ice, the Paris region is paralyzed!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love your collection of tins, they look awesome displayed on your shelves.

Lucky you getting the Christmas cake as your Secret Santa. Hmm, I could almost smell it.