Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The days dwindle down ...

Brown paper bags are good.  They are eco friendly, they don't run amok in supermarkets, nor do they use offensive language.  They are also handy for breathing into when you are hyperventilating.  They are my best friends today as I contemplate the precious few days left to sew before the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market hits town.

Layered skirts have been the order of the day.

Twirly layered skirts.

And now I think I need to work on some dresses.

If you are into skirts, however, do drop by and say hello on 6 March.

There will be so many stalls to choose from - over the next few days I will feature some of the wonderful BrisStylers and their fabulous goodies which will be on sale.

But for now, it's back to the paper bags.


Creative Arty Facts said...

Got one of those brown paper bags handy for me? I think I may need one too!
Love the new rah-rah skirts - too cool!

Bec said...

Meh! I'm waaaay past the paper bag stage, and have now fallen into apathy. Which I disguise as a zen-like peace and wisdom when talking to people....By the way, I LOOOOOVEEEE that photo of the skirts from underneath. Makes me want one for myself :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

The skirts are looking gorgeous! No need for you to be breathing into a paper bag... myself on the other hand... I still have so much to do!