Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Berlin, 20 years on

Today that perennial question came up on the radio and TV: where were you when the Berlin Wall came down? We were living in Sydney with our three teenage children, watching with amazement, along with the rest of the world.

Where were we two months ago? We were in Berlin, and here are some of our memories.

Checkpoint Charlie found us, rather than the other way around.

Just as well I'm not a hat girl!

Nearby we came across this very moving memorial to Berlin citizens shot while attempting to escape to the West.

At the Reichstag, the crowds were obviously distracted by something.

No wonder. This group of young people had the crowds in the palm of their hands (literally) with their superb giant puppet which wooed and teased any passer-by.

Who's afraid of bears? Not these adorable ones, surely.

The museums in Berlin were quite an eye-opener. Of course, there was Nefertiti, every bit as beautiful as Mona Lisa, but without the hordes to keep you at bay.


Mona Lisa (or is that Where's Wally?) - a dot on the distant wall . Spot the difference?

What really blew us away were these magnificent rooms at the Pergamon Museum. Pictures simply don't do them justice. They take your breath away.

And finally some random images.

Happy anniversary Berlin and thanks for the wonderful memories.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, they bring back some great memories! When I was there I was surprised by some of the remnants of the division - like the fact that trams still only operate in the Eastern part of town. You get jokey references to the Good Old Days (like classy fast food joint 'Snack Point Charlie'), but the old Communist monuments to the fall of Berlin are still very carefully looked after. Fascinating place.

Sandrine said...

Great post Robyn, I still remember the day we found out the wall came down...and the amount of people risking and loosing their lifes to pass it even the day before...I laugh at the mona lisa stamp effect;)When I went I could go closer but still surprise by its size!

edward and lilly said...

I love Berlin so much, definitely in my top 3 favourite cities. You have some great photos, I think mine are mostly of the graffiti, hehe.

Helen said...

Thanks Robyn for sharing your amazing memories xox Have been listening to the newsfeeds from the Abc this week as well as a few docos from East Berliners of that time - very moving indeed and your pics capture that in so many ways.

Andy's heart is still set on us living in Berlin one day as it is the video art capital of the world!


Hey Harriet said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos from your recent trip Robyn! I've never been to Berlin but it's a place I do very much hope to visit one day. Now after seeing these photos of yours I'm hoping that day comes much sooner!

Sally said...

I love this post Robyn. we are off to Europe next year for a wedding in a castle. I am really excited now at all the things I will see and the inspiration. Thank you for sharing from your magical journey xx