Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Wedding

Weddings are such joyous occasions - that goes without saying. But when it's your first born who is the bride, well, that's indeed something very special. Sydney had put on some appalling weather leading up to last Thursday, but as if by magic a little window of glorious, sparkling weather arrived and lasted the whole day. By Friday we were back into the clouds and rain, but by then we had the weather we prayed for and day was as it should have been, full of joy, laughter and the odd tear, surrounded by close friends and family.

Mind you, the marriage celebrant at the Registry Office didn't add to the festivities. And no, my daughter and her new husband aren't vertically challenged - the celebrant is freakishly tall and gaunt, with a funereal personality to match ...

... as you can see by his tie choice.

Yes, skull and crossbones. Maybe he was filling in from the Death Certificates Department.

The only sad note was that our Brisbane son, daughter-in-law and children could not make it down to Sydney, as our son had teaching commitments and travelling with four children would have proved too difficult.

The reception was held at the Bondi Icebergs Club and on a day such as this, I doubt there would be a better place in the world to hold a wedding reception.

The food on the buffet table kept coming, much to the delight of the children.

It could even be used as an obstacle course for the rally driver. While the adults mingled ...

... the children were in for a big surprise. The groom's sister had brought along a bag of goodies for each of them. She had gone to incredible lengths to fill the bags with goodies appropriate to each child. For instance, our granddaughter Emily found among her lot a paper doll cut-out book titled Emily and Sophie. She was gobsmacked.

Time for quiet talks ...

... the fathers-in-law ...

... and the groom and his Best Man.

I loved the bar tiles!

Meanwhile, the Dancing Queen showed off her latest Hot Fudge creation, demonstrating its twirling and dancing wearability.

She works cheap, which is an added bonus.

It was time for the speeches ...

The writer,

The retired school principal,

And the retired banker. What a trio - never stuck for words, of course.

And then we had to get the little folk home, as the sugar rush had taken its toll.

So now all three of our children are married and Tony and I are blessed to have two truly wonderful sons-in-law, as well as a beautiful daughter-in-law. And with grandchild number seven due in July (no, not the bride!), what more could we ask for?


Hey Harriet said...

What a beautiful day! Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous wedding photos. That odd looking marriage celebrant is a hoot! All the kiddies look so cute dressed up. Especially that very stylish dancing queen :) Congrats to the happy newly weds. Your lovely family sure is growing. You'll soon need to hire out an entire small country for future family get-togethers!

mimoo said...

Congratulations Robyn a sit must be lovely to see your children all happily 'paired' off! You sound liked your had a ball and that is what weddings and family times are all about, if you ask me! The gorgeous 'Hotfudge' dancing queen did deserve her special mention I must say!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration Robyn. Your daughter looks beautiful and your grandchildren are adorable. You post was so fitting too of little kids ... the sleeping in the car says it all!

Ali said...

What a lovely celebration Robyn! Gorgeous location and your gorgeous 'babies' - especially your little dancing queen!
What an odd celebrant!! his tie!? hee hee :)

pedrosprout said...

Wow! What a beautiful wedding Robyn! The view over Bondi looks amazing.

edward and lilly said...

Looks like a gorgeous day with lots of fun and twirly dresses. Grandchild number 7 on the way, wowzers!! Lots more sewing for you :)

Trish Goodfield said...

Lovely photos, love the Bride's red dress.

Steph Bond said...

Hi Robyn,
Wonderful day! And I spotted my friend Andrew Richardson in your guest photos. Small world! Thanks also for stopping by Bondville,