Monday, 2 March 2009

Bargains, Giveaways and Zucchinis

The week has started off at a galloping pace. First of all, I have listed these three items on my Etsy shop at 20% discount for the month of March.

It's all part of the Etsy Dust Street Team's March sale theme of Green Dreams.

That takes care of the bargains - now for the giveaway.

The very talented girls at Embelish are celebrating their 100th post and you could be the winner of these delightful goodies. Why not pop on over and enter the competition? On second thoughts maybe not. The less entries, the more chance I have of winning!

And last but not least, the continuing adventures of the giant zucchini.

The first cut is always the hardest. You can see (l) what an impression it made. However, the results were well worth it (r), as the drooling Mr Fudge can attest to.

So it was time for the second cut - this time for the zucchini slice.

By now the pumpkin which had been cowering away in the corner was feeling a little more confident, in fact, he was feeling quite perky. Little does he know what we have in store for him!

And this is what still remains of the giant zucchini - still enough to feed a village. Maybe I could get it on the plane and take it down to the wedding ...


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a super zucchini! I'm thinking someone must have climbed a beanstalk to find that one ;)

I love your little green pant and top set, so cute! That wasn't made from the zucchini too was it?

I better run, I don't want to miss Embelish's giveaway, as much as you would like to win, I sure would too!

Hey Harriet said...

That knife looks so tiny next to the zucchini! So you made all that & still have zucchini left? I'm amazed! Best of luck with the DUST sale this month. Your cute little clothes will fly out the door!

I've already entered the fab EmbelISH giveaway, so don't get your hopes up. I plan on winning all those goodies!!! Let me sample some of your tasty looking baked treats and I'll consider sharing my EmbelISH win with you. It's a big enough prize to share around should I win :D

Little Diva said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm very chuffed at my win but unfortunately I won't be taking you up on your suggestion... he he he

P.S. I love that photo you've taken of the skirt frills !

bubbachenille said...

Gorgeous new outfits!
Recipes please?

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn

I am loving that cute little dress. It is very special. Wish that I had a little one to buy it for.


Bec said...

I know I should be focused on that giant zucchini in the photo, but I must admit I am completely fixated on on that (sugar? flour?) jar in the background! Now that is some gorgeous retro goodness right there!!! Good luck with the sale! Kate was wearing her dress yesterday and boy she gets lots of comments when she wears it - even strangers in the street stop and tell her what a lovely dress she's wearing. And she proudly twirls and tells them "mum made it". And then I go red and explain that I actually didn't make it. She even told my mum last night that mum made her shoes (yes, her pink leather sandals). Boy I must be getting clever!!!! :D

Anonymous said...