Tuesday, 17 March 2009

BrisStyle Babes turn One

A year ago, twelve very nervous artisans met for the first time at a popular book shop cafe. They had been contacted by a fellow Etsy shop owner, Esther of Green Envy, who was keen to start up a street team. One by one we introduced ourselves, showed some of our wares, and related the story behind our chosen Etsy shop name. The chemistry must have been spot on, because from that first meeting, firm friendships were forged and are still there today.

Over the next twelve months, BrisStyle grew like a new baby. We took our first steps last December with our extremely successful Christmas market. As our reputation spread, our membership swelled until we now boast over 60, with new applications arriving almost on a daily basis. Sadly, our founder Esther returned to her homeland, Holland, but we know she is tickled pink that our little group has grown to what it is today.

And so we arrived at our first birthday last Sunday. A venue had to be chosen which would accommodate the 30 members who wished to attend the celebrations and Melange Restaurant in the beautiful Roma Street Parklands was an easy choice. The committee arranged to meet an hour before the celebrations and as soon as I sat down, the beautiful Helen of Ruby Red Studios handed me a carefully wrapped parcel. "I found this and knew it would be perfect for you, Robyn," was all she would say. I carefully unwrapped it and to my great amusement and delight, out popped this acrylic sign:

I was instructed to carry it around in my bag and whip it out if anyone gives me a hard time! I don't know where Helen finds these little treasures, but she always comes up with delightful little gifts at the most unexpected times. What a friend.

An hour later, we moved on to the bigger table and the celebrations began. Many of the newer members had never met before, but within minutes the table was buzzing with chatter and laughter.

As the girls were passing around some of their latest items available on their Etsy shops, I fell in love with these two packs of hair clips from the very talented team at EmBelIsh and had to buy them for my little granddaughters.

Catherine of Made by Maisie (check out her uber cute dolls) organised a gift swap and so it was time to bring out the bag.

We girls always love surprises, so it was with great anticipation that we took turns in picking out a gift.

When my turn came around, I couldn't believe it. There before me were these gorgeous items from Bel, one half of the EmBelIsh team. I immediately put on my little bird brooch and plan on wearing the pretty little earrings today.

We were all obviously very happy with our gifts.

Bel (l) of EmBelIsh and Bec (r) of Beckybean

(Note the careful product placement of MixTape with our full page advertisement on the back cover.)

Then it was time for a few words from one of our founding members, our den mother Helen (yes, she who gives surprise gifts!).

There was time for a quiet chat before we reluctantly left for home.

I hope you enjoyed joining us in our first birthday celebrations - we can hardly wait for our second!


Hey Harriet said...

Ha! That Bondi Baby sign is super! Just where on earth does Helen find such perfect gems I wonder...

You scored well with your EmBelISH goodies. They're very sweet! Yes, it was a great first birthday celebration and it was nice to read the background info about how BrisStyle was born. Like you, I'm also looking forward to celebrating the second BrisStyle birthday. Can you imagine how many more members will have joined by then!?!

Hope your throat is better. All that partying I'm not surprised you lost your voice ;D

bubbachenille said...

oooohh it looks like you had such a good day, wish I could have been there with you to celebrate...
Happy Birthday Brisstyle.

Trish Goodfield said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the lunch. As i said on the BrisStyle blog everyone seems to be having so much fun. Oh and ditto on the oven mitts. If you start selling them please let me know. I know a couple of people who would just love them.

Jade said...

It was a great lunch and you definitely scored with your EmBelISH goodies! I'm still very jealous of Bec's new oven mits...please start selling some so I can buy a pair!!

Jetta's Nest said...

I had a great time too and am still feeling very inspired! I can hardly believe I'm lucky enough to be a part of such a talented, creative and varied group of people.

Oh, and it was nice to meet you!


XUE said...

You guys make me wish I was living in Brisbane too!

REread said...

great post about the day .. and oh my mother would clip me behind the ears if she saw that photo of me slouching!!! oh dear :)

pRiyA said...

Hi Hotfudge,
I am enjoying your blog. What fun all you BrisStyle babes have!!

Sharlene said...

What a fantastic day this was. And the gift swap was sensational. Thanks for sharing your great photos.


Sally said...

Robyn, in the first photo you can see me ... the tuck shop arms on the left are mine! Im th eblondie with the yellow tablecloth top!
I never got the change to say hello to you.
I am writing here because you are cheeky thing to comment so meanly on my workspace - hee, hee! Its more of a sitting space than a working space, and its less than 2m sq!!!