Friday, 8 February 2008

A frill a moment

It was time to add a new skirt to my Etsy shop, so I chose a pretty blue with contrasting pink tiny floral fabrics, and a stripe to add as accent. I finished it by the end of the day and now it's up and running in the shop.

This design has proved very popular and sells like hot cakes. One of my resident models was very happy to pose in her skirt - very cute, Emily.

Tomorrow we get our week's supply of grandchildren hugs when we babysit our three Brisbane grandchildren, Stephen, Josephine and Gabrielle. Josephine is very fashion conscious, which has caused some conflict in the past. Every time she tries on one of my items for sale, she figures (quite justly) that it's fair game and it belongs to her. So I always make more than one before she deigns to pose, so that she keeps one, I sell one. She's such a little charmer - and has quite a wardrobe!

Meanwhile, Josephine's big brother Stephen commenced prep school this week at the same college where his father teaches high school. He is causing a ripple among the staff. Take today for instance. When the after-school care teacher came to pick him up until his father had finished his classes for the day, she said, "OK Stephen, let's go ... after you." To which Stephen, five next week, replied, "No. My daddy says ladies should always go first. So after you." What a boy!

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