Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The big wet

Well, the sunny Queensland summer rolls on, minus the sun. But we can't complain - the drought is breaking and we had a glorious, fine weekend. It's perfect weather to start a new project. I had a pile of Ruth McDowell designed bunny fabric sulking away with neglect on top of the cabinet in my studio and with Lent well and truly with us, could Easter be far away? I had downloaded a pattern ages ago and it was time to get cracking.

Aren't the fabrics just adorable? Having such a large central panel, the construction was easy. The only section which needed piecing was part of the border.

Once the piecing was done, it was a simple matter of adding the borders and corners to the central panel. A no brainer - it was like taking a holiday from my usual quilts, which take many months to construct.

The way the day is turning out, it looks like a great time to baste the top and start on the machine quilting. Maybe it will make a perfect Easter gift for someone on my Etsy shop.

Earlier this morning, I heard a melodious bird call quite close to the house. There sitting on the clothesline, sheltering from the rain, was a butcher bird.

Two minutes later, he was joined by a noisy minor.

We watched the Hitchcock classic The Birds the other night. Should we be alarmed?

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