Monday, 18 February 2008

Birthday Boys

It’s my birthday today and I share this celebration with our two grandsons. On Friday our youngest grandchild, Christopher, turned one, and the next day our eldest grandchild, Stephen, turned five. Chris lives in Sydney, so sadly we could not be there to share in his day, but from the photographs emailed to us, he had an extremely happy time. Luckily, Stephen is within an hour’s drive from our home, so we helped him celebrate yesterday.

Birthday cake etiquette is an art form. This is what a one-year-old looks like Before Cake:

This is how a five-year-old tackles the cake eating process:

And this is how a one-year-old tackles the same problem:

Notice the subtle difference?

Stephen’s little sisters prefer the Chris method:

While Chris’ big sister is, frankly, horrified!

I finished hand-sewing the binding on the Bunny quilt and it is now up in my shop. This morning I wandered into my studio and gathered up the scraps from various recent projects. I felt guilty and knew I had to do something with them, so I have declared today baby booties day. Well, it’s my birthday and I’m allowed to indulge in a little fun with scraps if I care to!

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