Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A moving experience

I know, it's been a long time between drinks, but moving house during the busiest time of the year was... challenging; particularly without a broadband connection for twelve days.  However, we came through the whole experience relatively unscathed and here we are in our sunny new apartment taking deep breaths.

My new sewing room is roomier than my previous one, with lots of light coming in through three widows.  So after unpacking the essentials (sewing machine, serger, fabrics, etc) I hit the ground running in an effort to keep up with the custom orders which kept flowing through my Etsy and Madeit stores.

We decided to have a mini break on Sunday morning and took ourselves off to the local village Christmas fair.

We arrived early so that we could hear the local high school Pipes and Drums Band.  Ah, what is it about men in kilts?  I blame my Scottish heritage.

What a glorious morning it was, but we knew from previous years that the odds were that a storm would break some time later in the day.

So many tempting goodies ...

We certainly made the right decision to leave early, as that afternoon we were hit by a severely damaging hail, rain and wind storm which caused havoc throughout the city.  I just hope those poor stallholders managed to pack up safely before it struck.

Then it was back to filling in the orders.

There were lots of Christmas dresses and skirts to make.

 And so many garlands that I had to close production in order to catch up.

There were several orders for cool summer dresses as the weather warmed up.

This dress is on its way today and now that I am almost on top of the backlog of orders with only a couple of dresses, knit tops and garlands to complete, I can finally see my way to attacking the Christmas cakes, mince pies, shortbread, etc.  Help!

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