Monday, 10 November 2014

Hot off the machine

My frenzied activity at the machine today can only mean one thing; our moving day is looming large.  I know I should be packing boxes and culling the mountain of magazines, but I felt the urge to sew today and now I feel so much better.

Last week our granddaughter came to visit with her two younger brothers and she took a shine to a pair of shorts I had asked her to try on.  Naturally, they went home with her and they looked so lovely on her that I felt the urge to make up the design in another fabric.

Summer will be here in a couple of weeks, or so they say.  That means holidays, trips to the beach and lots of outdoor activities.  So I selected some seaside fabric and made them up in a size 8.

The pattern is by Brownie Goose and I love the design details, such as the buttoned tabs at the cuff.

And the faux pockets.

I love them coupled with a red peasant top.

The shorts are ready to ship in size 8 here, or they can be made to order in sizes 1 to 5 in limited numbers, as it's the last of this particular fabric.  The peasant top can also be ordered through my store.  

But hurry - my granddaughter's on the prowl ...

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