Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Down Under

In my life I have spent two Christmases in the Northern Hemisphere and loved them both. To shop in the freezing cold adds a certain air of excitement to the experience it has to be admitted.  Having said that, I was raised to expect the season to be hot and in my heart that's what really makes it Christmas.

We attended the children's vigil Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve, so we were able to sleep in a little before the family gathering with the gift unwrapping frenzy followed by lunch.

Of course there was Christmas Bush - what respectable household wouldn't have a vase of it on full display?

On such a beautiful day, al fresco was the only way to dine.

Model planes were discussed in detail - they transcend all generations, male generations that is.

After lashings of turkey, ham, vegetables and salads liberally washed down with Moet and wines of the red and white variety, there was the traditional pudding which our daughter made using my mother's recipe.

Or pavlova and fresh berries for those who preferred a lighter end to the meal.  All the more pudding for the rest of us!

Tony admits to having five helpings.

Miss E had been lusting after this style of hat for some time, so when she finally had one of her own, it stayed firmly on her head until she was water bombed by her brothers.

And why wouldn't they be smiling.  Our daughter and son-in-law are off to Rome for three months in the second half of 2015, one to paint and the other to write.

 Our other son-in-law, the father of our grandchildren, enjoys the challenge of me not catching him on camera.  He has it down to a fine art, ducking behind something at the last second, but I am a patient woman.

There was time for a few quick games of Angry Birds before the boys decided enough was enough.

Time for a quick change of garb and to bring out the big guns.

No one was safe - not big sister ...

... nor Aunty Maz.  Grandparents were considered untouchables, as it's not much fun water bombing slow moving objects.

The local water dragon sensibly camouflaged himself until it was all over. 

We really missed our Queensland family and one of these Christmases we will celebrate together, with all seven grandchildren and their parents.


Chrisy said...

Yes how lucky we are...wonderful family, friends, food, gifts, weather. I hope you get to see those Queensland chickadees soon.

Hot Fudge said...

You're so right Chrisy - that's what really matters. And yes, we hope we can get up north soon. Happy New Year!