Monday, 25 August 2014

Goodbye winter

You could not imagine two more differing days if you tried.  Yesterday (Sunday) was a perfect late winter's day; cloudless skies, temperate weather.

Which was just as well, as we gathered for a family lunch to celebrate my brother's birthday.  

The boys amused themselves reading and drawing, waiting patiently for their favourite food ...


In contrast, Saturday began for us at two in the morning when loud hammering invaded our bedroom.  It transpired that our apartment neighbours had a wee problem with their plumbing which necessitated the emergency services of a plumber. With a big hammer.  You can imagine how thrilled we were to discover a few hours later that we were the recipients of their excess water.  

At least it prepared us well for the day ahead, which included joining our granddaughter's cheer squad for very soggy netball semifinals.  Thank goodness for the pop-up coffee vendors who kept us warm on the inside at least.  I felt so sorry for the poor little pets playing their hearts out in such atrocious conditions. 

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 However, it was perfect weather for sewing.

And here
Spring will be arriving in a week (doing the traditional End of Winter Dance of Joy) and I will be busy between now and Christmas with new stock for the summer months ahead and for the Christmas season.

Image: Sara Sprague

Bring it on!


Dublin Plumber said...

I see so many leaks like this. In a lot of cases the carpets are fine after they dry out. Thank god for emergency plumbers lol

Hot Fudge said...

Wow - an Irish plumber! Wish you were in Sydney.