Sunday, 7 September 2014

Looking for Spring

It's difficult to believe that winter has finally departed, in theory at least.  In fact it's still hanging around and bringing along its friends, rain and wind.  However, if you look hard enough there are delightful pockets of the new season to be found and yesterday we set out to discover a couple of them.

After a soggy walk through the city we arrived at the pop-up gallery where our daughter Maz's paintings are on exhibit, along with some other talented artists.  We were greeted by lovely the gallery director Emilya Colliver who delighted in advising that all Maz's painting were sold and indeed there was a waiting list for new paintings.  Emilya champions emerging artists and her vitality and enthusiasm shine through.  If you are in Sydney you can catch the exhibition which runs until 14 September.  Details can be found here.

 Why not make a day of it and take in the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes at the Art Gallery of NSW?  

Earlier in the day we took our annual pilgrimage to David Jones in the city to take in their annual Spring Flower Show which is always the best way to get the spirits soaring.

This year the theme is The Enchanted Florence, celebrating the renowned artist Florence Broadhurst.

The display did wonders for us.

The iconic pianist was there to greet the visitors with his cheerful smile and amazing reservoir of tunes which he can choose from at the drop of a hat.  

Of course, the merchandise blended beautifully with the surrounding floral displays and I was hoping to return today to relieve them of a handbag or two.  But we didn't win Lotto.

Thank you David Jones for making us all feel a little younger.

And thank you to our daughter for making us feel so proud.

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