Monday, 11 August 2014

New life

Three weeks from today it will be spring in Australia.  I wish I could say that you can feel it in the air, but with today topping 12 degrees Celsius, I would have to be the eternal optimist to make such a declaration.

Images: Sara Sprague
 But new life abounds, with the trees budding up ready to burst into blossom, and an adorable new baby who is as beautiful as her big sister.

And of course, she loves wearing Hot Fudge.

Wonderful family memories were made yesterday when our grandson was confirmed.

Which meant a special afternoon tea.

With gifts.

And a cake decorated by the boy himself.

 "I think I went a bit heavy with the green, Granddad."

Aunty Maz may have a painting hanging in the Art Gallery of NSW, but how cool is it to have one of her Roadkill drawings on the kitchen blackboard.  Priceless.  And to top it off, thirty-nine years ago today our son was born.  So many happy memories.

Image: Sara Sprague.  Dress: Hot Fudge
Good days, and better days ahead when spring finally puts in an appearance.

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