Sunday, 1 December 2013

First day of Summer

Our local village Christmas Fair falls on the first Sunday in December which this year also happened to be the first day of summer.

By tradition, the day begins with the pipe band from the local grammar school.

It made my Scottish heritage heart swell when I heard these young men play so professionally.

I love the swagger which comes miraculously as soon as a kilt is donned.

The dogs certainly loved it.

Time to check out the stalls.

They even took over the parking lot.

There were delicious edibles for the adults ...

... balloons for the children ...

... and a bandanna for the dog.  

Here are a few things which took my fancy, in no particular order:

 We Fudges have the uncanny knack of seeking each other out in crowds of thousands and somehow our granddaughter spied us from the distance.

The boys were fresh from breakfast with Santa, so we were pretty tame in comparison.

Ah, summer.  Got to love it.

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