Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas in the city

At about this time every year we take a trip to the city to soak up the atmosphere as we prepare for the Christmas season.

In my younger days I spent Christmases in both England and the USA and I've never forgotten the joy of being caught up with the whole spirit of Christmas, with the city streets lit up to the hilt and just about every department store and smaller shops beautifully decorated.  Forged in my memory is one cold evening in London leaving the office where I worked and turning the corner onto Oxford Street to see it transformed into a world of wonder.

Sadly, we don't go quite that far here in Australia, but even so, there are enough sights to gladden the heart. 

The Strand Arcade is one place we never miss at this time of the year, with its beautifully decorated walk and shops brim full of irresistible goodies.

Haigh's chocolate ... mmmmmm .....


The other must-see venue is the Queen Victoria Building, with its iconic Christmas tree.

Santa was in residence and it was so lovely to see children donned in their Christmas best for photos with the man in red.

In fact, children were everywhere, their eyes bright, taking in all the wonders around them.

There was even something for Russel Crowe, so I guess he's dried himself off and come home for Christmas.

Of course, no trip to the city would be complete without a browse through the David Jones Food Hall.

Where else could you find pasta for chocoholics?

There is something for everyone.

It's such a pity that they chose to use their traditional Christmas windows for blatant self-promotion instead of something that would bring gasps of delight from the children.  Bah humbug.

So now that my batteries have been re-charged, I'm ready to tackle the final week at Hot Fudge, finishing off all those orders.  Can't wait for Christmas.

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