Monday, 7 January 2013

Summer ... when it sizzles

Was it only a few weeks back that I was complaining of the cold and wondering if summer would ever come?  In the past week the southern parts of the country have been devastated by bush fires and here in Sydney the forecast for tomorrow is 43 Celsius, or 109.4 Fahrenheit.  I guess it has arrived.

Christmas was such a happy day, with the family gathered at our daughter and son-in-law's home for a day of celebration.  The house traffic became a little frantic, with brand new vehicles breaking all the road rules.

Thankfully there were some quieter moments.

On Boxing Day we headed north to Brisbane to catch up with the Queensland branch of the family.  Some very kind friends advised that they would be away after Christmas and offered their house to us over that period.  Queenslanders are wonderfully friendly and giving - or is it simply that we Fudges are so adorable?

Friends had organised a lunch so that we could catch up on a year's events (emails don't quite have the same effect, without the laughter and tears to accompany the stories).  A stunning day, in the company of old friends, with superb food and a view from the balcony of the Brisbane River.  Perfect.

Our final day in Brisbane was such a happy time.  We met up with the family for a picnic at South Bank, followed by a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art to take in the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.

The Asia Pacific Triennial never disappoints.  The wonders abound for young and old alike.

What a clever way to introduce children to the joys of art.

Tiny creations were there to be discovered.

And sometimes in large numbers!

Being children of the 21st Century, the Junior Fudges gravitated towards the graphic art programme.

There's nothing like discovering a hole in the wall, particularly when it's not of your doing.

On our way back to the ferry we passed by the South Bank beach, which was so tempting on such a warm day.

We are back in Sydney with such happy memories of our Christmas and New Year in two cities, both so close to our hearts.  And now to the sewing room.


Chrisy said...

Beautiful memories dearest, thank you for sharing. Yes not looking forward to the next week weatherwise, but hey, what can you do... Best wishes for a wonderful 2013 my friend!

Ali said...

Lovely post, lovely photos too! yes, I agree, two very beautiful cities! Happy Summer Robyn - hope the heat's eased a bit for you now. xx