Tuesday, 4 September 2012


What a time to be in Sydney.  I know it won't last, but it's a stunningly beautiful day today, clear blue skies, warm temperatures (mmm ... warm ...) and blossoms everywhere.  It's also my quilting day with St Ives Quilters which is always fun.

Today had an extra bonus - three parcels were waiting for me at the Post Office.  I can't show them all, because two of them were early Christmas gifts (I know - I can't believe that we are starting so early this year.  No doubt it will all end in tears and panic on Christmas Eve, but our intentions are good). 

 However, I can show you the third parcel.  I did the traditional Fabric Dance of Joy when I opened it, as it had one fabric re-order I had been waiting on and several new ones which I will use as samples for my new summer/Christmas range.  And there's another fabric bundle somewhere out in Australia Post Limbo waiting to land in my Post Box - hopefully tomorrow.

It's been a good week all round, starting off with Fathers' Day on Sunday when we joined our daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren for lunch at a delightful restaurant.

I think the children would have taken the cow home if there had been room in the car.

Most importantly, today is our granddaughter's sixth birthday, but as she is far away in Queensland, we will save up our hugs for our next visit.

Good things happen on Tuesdays.

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