Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Darling Buds of September

It's coming, you can feel it in the air.  Spring arrived today fresh and clear, but the one element missing was warmth.  And I love warmth.

We had some good friends over for lunch on Thursday and one couple brought these delightful cornflowers, which with their stunning blue have to be my favourite Spring flowers.

With the promise of a new season waiting in the wings, August was a very busy month for me, with sales on both my Etsy and MadeIt stores.  Among the orders I had to make up were these heart garlands.  Spring weddings are obviously on the agenda.

I completed an order this morning and we headed to the Post Office to get it on its way.  What a delightful surprise to discover that these trees, which were bare a week ago, are now blossoming.

With a sky like this, it's hard not to smile.

The flower vendor in the mall had a glorious array of brilliant colour to tempt the passer-by.

But now it's back to the machine to make one of these ...

one of these ...

 and one of these.

Then I can start on my new season's range in time for the Christmas rush.  Did I say Christmas???

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Chrisy said...

What a gorgeous place to go and post your mail! The cornflowers are beautiful...obviously friends with good taste. Pleased to hear that sales have been going well - here also, but mostly Frida, a lot of people are obviously a bit obsessed with her, but who am I to argue! Your garlands and little dresses are so uplifting..they're spring personified....