Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dropping in on the neighbours

Spring fairs are popping up all over the district and our neighbourhood came alive today when the high school next door held its Spring Garden Party. Everyone was invited and going by the crowds in attendance, everyone accepted.

The clouds that threatened to ruin the day quickly departed and we were rewarded with beautiful weather.  Sadly, I was on my own (apart from the couple of hundred thousand I battled my way through), as Mr Fudge is recovering from surgery (including plastic) which was necessary to remove a nasty skin cancer from his nose.  Thankfully all went well and, apart from the thick bandaging on his nose, he is quickly bouncing back to his old self.  It's the eternal curse of Celtic genes in a country known for its blazing sun.

Who can resist Fair rides?  Not too many, apparently. 

I preferred quieter activities, such as admiring the gardens, the plant stall, and buying some homemade marmalade and chili relish.

These three adorable little poppets wandered by, so beautifully dressed.  

The market stalls were spread out under the shade of the trees.  They were fortunate to have such beautiful weather - imagine how depressing it would have been to have rain dripping down through the leaves ...

The school jazz band, complete with singer, performed so well.  In fact, I can still hear them in the distance as I am typing this post.

It was lunchtime as I was leaving and there were many food stalls stocked up to feed the hungry crowds.

I will be participating in a school fair next month and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this brilliant weather will continue until then - and beyond!


Hey Harriet said...

That looks like a beautiful spring fair! That's what I love about spring! Besides the glorious weather we have all those wonderful fairs and festivals popping up on weekends! Those lavender plants look fab!

Chrisy said...

Such an attractive school...bricks and mortar have it over demountables any day! Love thinks I glimpsed you whizzing by on the fairground ride....
ps hope hubbie continues to improve...know what it's like to have those celtic genes....if we do come back to another life I'd like to have olive skin and dark curly (automatic!) hair....