Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Things that make me smile

I came across this image which I took in Paris a couple of years ago.  It brought an immediate smile to my face as I remembered how bemused we Fudges were when we came across this creative piece of parking.

How on earth, we wondered, did the driver manage to manoeuvre the car into such a tight space?  Of course being such a tiny vehicle, it was probably simply a matter of picking the thing up and plonking it down between the other two cars.  The owner of the car to the left must have been thrilled to bits when she returned to her vehicle.  I say she because this is the textile area of Paris, every dressmaker's idea of Paradise.  That day my excess baggage increased alarmingly in a very short space of time.  Sigh.

Another smile inducing activity is attending my local quilting group, which happens every Tuesday.  Today Rae (r) showed us her recently completed quilt top which is just beautiful.

My smile is radiant every time I look at this image of the latest Kaffe Fassett fabrics which arrived last week to join the earlier Kaffe stash.  I now have enough fabric to complete The Plan.  The Long Term Plan.

I have every reason to smile.

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