Saturday, 31 March 2012

One perfect day

One of my favourite authors is Sydney writer Kate Grenville.  And my favourite Kate Grenville book is The Idea of Perfection.  Well, today was my idea of perfection.

If you had to be in Sydney, today was the day.  On the last day of the first month of autumn, it was as warm as summer's day.  The sky was blue, the gardens looked spectacular, the lawns were greener than should have been legally possible and Sydney Harbour positively sparkled.

Today was the first opportunity we had to see our daughter's art hung in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  She was a finalist in the Sulman Prize which was announced yesterday.  She and her husband had spent quite a bit of time at the Gallery over the last couple of days, viewing the hanging and keeping up their strength with the odd glass of champagne, poor things.

Yesterday they were privileged to be present at the media announcement of the winners of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes, the three most prestigious art prizes in the country.  They rubbed shoulders with some of Australia's most esteemed artists and avoided tripping over TV cables.

This morning they met us at the Gallery so that we could experience the joy of seeing our daughter's work in their delightful company.

Congratulations to the winner of the Sulman Nigel Milsom.  The prize of $30,000 must have made him very happy!  

Sadly, we were not permitted to take photos, but here's one our son-in-law took during the Gallery's function for the artists the day before the announcement of the winners. The Gallery had hosted a lunch (with champagne, of course), so The Artist was justifiably happy.

While we were standing near Maz's entry, I noticed a couple of women stop in front of it uttering positive noises - you know - oooo, ah, etc.  I smiled at them and advised that the artist was standing right behind them.  If you can't embarrass your children at some point in your life, where's the fun in living?

To complete the perfect day, our daughter and son-in-law took us to celebratory lunch at the nearby Botanic Gardens Restaurant where we had ... more champagne.

If you are in Sydney or are planning a visit any time up until 3 June, I highly recommend a visit to the Gallery.

Today was one of those special days which we will remember with pride for the rest of our lives.  My idea of perfection.


wimcee said...

Robin, an amazing achievement and a perfect, perfect day obviously for it...well done to you all, and enjoy that champagne...!!

Chrisy said...

oh darlin yes...perfection...i felt quite emotional just reading your post and imagining being in your position...congrats to you all and love love love your daughter's work...