Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Everything old is new again

I love Tuesdays.  For years in Brisbane it was my quilting day, either with Schoolhouse Quilters Kenmore or with seven close friends, we eight making up the group Loose Threads.  Of course I miss them so much, but Tuesdays still remain my quilting days here in Sydney.  St Ives Quilters have been most welcoming and this year they celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Yesterday we were asked to bring along quilts created over twenty years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised as members came forward with their quilts.

They had well and truly passed the test of time and could easily have been made this year instead of twenty years ago.

This magnificent quilt took my breath away.  Apologies for the slightly blurred image, but I was carried away.  Renowned quilter Judy Day (r) fell in love with the original at the Victoria & Albert Museum all those years ago and set about creating her own version.  It is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted.  It would look stunning on my bed, but I couldn't convince Judy to part with it.

And that brings me to a lovely story. Quilter Heather Watts heard through her daughter that a young mother with a three year-old child recently had the most horrific fire accident involving a frying pan.  The burns covered much of the front of her body and it was witnessed by her little girl.  She is pregnant and is due to give birth this week.

Heather was so moved by the story that she made this gorgeous quilt, not for the new baby, but for the little three year-old who has been so traumatised by recent events.  

That's why I love quilters and Tuesdays.

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