Wednesday, 8 February 2012

By the way, don't touch the figs

So says Livia in I Claudius.  Pity she didn't tell Augustus.  

However, when you come across figs like these, not to mention fresh blackberries, by all means touch them.  Our local fruit market had these delectable fruits selling at $10 for three punnets, so we chose two of the figs and one of the blackberries.

Combined with shortcrust pastry and frangipane cream, it all went down rather well last night with Mr Fudge.  Mind you, with Livia and her poisoned figs firmly in mind, he did wait until I bit into my figs before he took the plunge.

Valentine's Day is not far away and today these heart wreaths were posted off to a customer in Western Australia.  

Tomorrow I am planning on getting back to creating some new children's clothing for my Etsy and MadeIt shops.  And finishing off that tart.

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